Soya Wax Candle – Lemon Verbena


This is our ‘big hitter’ in the fragrance stakes, a really bright, fresh and zingy hit of lemon. It is as effective as citronella in keeping flying beasties away from outdoor eating/relaxing areas (and in my view has a much more pleasant fragrance) and is pretty good at removing cooking smells from the kitchen and clearing the air generally.

sustainably sourced

Cruelty Free

Natural Ingredients



All our candles are hand-poured in small batches and the fragrance load is carefully balanced so there is enough to gently fragrance your room but won’t be overpowering. We use the best eco soya we can find to ensure a clean and safe burn. Fun facts; soya wax burns cleanly unlike paraffin(petroleum-based) wax so doesn’t leave soot anywhere or release toxins in the air, soya wax is derived from the soya bean, a natural and renewable resource, soya wax has a lower melting point making it less likely to cause serious burns if spilt and because it burns cleaner than paraffin wax the scent from essential oils is stronger and more pleasant than chemical scents added to paraffin wax. Our ‘Fragrance Families’ can be divided into Citrus – Lemon Verbena, Bergamot, Amberley Fresh – White Tea and Sage, Green Tea and Lemongrass, Mojito Floral – Rose, Midnight Floral We also have two premium fragrances exclusive to us, ‘Persuasion’ and ‘Mr. Knightley’ And finally, we have seasonal fragrances available from September to March. All our home fragrance items are Vegetarian and Vegan friendly and safe for pets too.

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