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Do your soaps smell of goat?

No … not at all

Why goats milk?

It has known benefits for your skin, especially for sensitive skins and those prone to skin problems

How long do your bars last?

It varies depending upon usage; they will last longer if you don’t let them stand in water and get soggy

Do they get soggy?

See above

Are your soaps suitable for vegetarians?

Yes … but not for vegans due to the milk content

Which soaps are suitable for babies and children?

Our plain Goats Milk or our Goats Milk with Almond would be most suitable as they don’t have any essential oils in them

Do your bars lather well in hard water?

Yes … we live in an area with very hard water, and they lather beautifully

Does the shaving soap make a good lather?

Yes … a very creamy lather

What exactly do your beard oils do?

They soften and clean the beard and have a wonderful fragrance

Do your lip balms contain Vaseline?

No … they are made with plant and nut butters and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans

What’s the difference between Soya Wax and the other sort?

Soya wax is a natural product, it burns cleanly and is a renewable resource

How long do your candles last?

If they are burned for no more than 4 hours at a time (as per the candle safety label) they should last for at least 35 hours (but can last longer)

Do you have your own goats?

No… unfortunately not … but we do get our milk fresh from Lincolnshire herds near to us

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